About Us:

Wizard Staff drives a unique approach to customers’ preferences with a focused process and aims to bring familiarity back into the staffing space with a fresh outlook, candid enthusiasm, and an energetic startup attitude. We have a passion for technology and customer service with performance characterized by action, dedication, loyalty, and results. For small and large clients, major and minor markets, and candidates of every level, our commitment remains the same.

We specialize in recruiting professionals who focus in software, systems, infrastructure, network, development, applications, testing, design, support, analytics, security, management, and related IT fields.

Mary Smith

Director, Recruitment and Sales


Mary Smith is the founder of Wizard Staff, Inc. and brings proven IT recruitment and business development experience to Wizard Staff candidates and clients. Mary collaborates with candidates to create meaningful career paths while partnering with clients to develop creative business solutions and shape dynamic teams. She has a strong commitment to quality, an enthusiasm for the IT industry, and a loyal dedication to customer service.

What's Being Said about Wizard Staff

“I had the pleasure to work with Mary. She is hard working, trustworthy and reliable. She will help you with your career path. What makes Mary different from other recruiters is her passion and her drive to make you successful.”

– Alex (Candidate)

"Mary is very professional, reliable, and works quickly to deliver quality candidates for my team to interview. Having her focus on our talent acquisition efforts gives me time to focus on other tasks at hand. I have worked with Mary for several years now and she is my go-to for top talent!”

– Joanna (Client)